Project Description
An image processing wrapper around GDI+, allowing you to apply one or more filters against an image source.

Out-of-the-box support:
* Conversion from one image type to another
* Image resizing and various strategies for resolving aspect ratio
* Edge detection
* GIF support
* Chaining filters together to perform complex operations on a single image

Filters can be stacked and queued so that they run one after the other in a process queue. The processor can accept filenames, streams or a GDI image to perform the processing on.

Future plans are:
* More comprehensive filter support for blurring, sharpening, watermarking, inverting, and more!
* Asynchronous processing support
* Batch processing

Available on Nuget

As well as downloading the package straight from here, you can also install directly from inside Visual Studio using Nuget:
install-package Simplicode.ImageProcessor

More information on the Nuget Package site

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