Crop Image only Scanned Area

first post: ahmedrob wrote: I want to crop image only the scanned area. For example, I setup sc...

latest post: NathanKyle wrote: Hi, I don't know if this is possible with this project. Hope the co...

Crop White/Transparent space

first post: kc2scy wrote: Is there any way using a combination of edge detection and cropping...

Image Metadata (Exif, Xmp, Iptc)

first post: Rushdeep wrote: On image resize, the image metadata is lost, is there a way to reta...

Specify the exact crop location

first post: mickdelaney wrote: Hi,I was looking at using this with jcrop (jquery plugin). this wou...

latest post: elkdanger wrote: Just to let you know, this has been resolved in changeset 68578.

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